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Love Among Us

The implementation of all services is based on the philosophy behind the name of the organization. “Ganǫhkwásra`” is a phrase in the Cayuga language meaning “Love Among Us.” It was the name chosen for the Family Violence Program at Six Nations early in planning to express our purpose and philosophy in creating a community-based program for victims of family violence. It conveys an attitude of community support and hope for families wrought with violence and it implies a sense of community responsibility for peace among all our members. Ganǫhkwásra` is the goal we seek for every member of our community, and it is the methodology through which we work to attain that goal.

Greetings from the Ganǫhkwásra` Board of Directors

We, as the Board of Directors are pleased that you have chosen to visit our website to find out more about Ganǫhkwásra` and the services offered to clients.

Abuse in a community comes in many shapes and forms. It can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It affects individuals, families, friends and associates.

Ganǫhkwásra` is a facility that offers community counselling to those affected by abuse.

Community Counselling consist of Women’s Programs, Child & Youth Programs, Men’s Programs, Community Education and a Volunteer Program. We offer residential services such as Shelter, Youth Lodge and Next Step Housing. There is a 24-Hour Crisis Line (519 445 4324) available to all who require our services. As you browse through our website you will find out more about all of these and programs.

This website will enable you to research our facility and programs and the hope is that you find what you are looking for and make the decision to pick up the telephone and call us (519 445 4324).

The hardest step of self-help is that first step. The staff will welcome you into an atmosphere of peace and serenity. You will be alone no more!

We, as the Board of Directors welcome any comments you may have regarding our website. Your comments will assist us in making this website better for you, the user.

Sincerely, Mary Monture
Chair, Board of Directors

Ganohkwasra Board of Director Members

  • Mary Monture – President
  • Rebecca Harrison – Vice Chair
  • Michelle Davey – Treasurer
  • Veronica King-Jamieson
  • Melba Thomas
  • Reva Bomberry
  • Wanda Smith
  • Sandra Hill-Bomberry