Questions to Ask Yourself To Determine If You May Be In An Abusive Relationship

Questions to Ask Yourself To Determine If You May Be In An Abusive Relationship

Do you ever …

  • Lie, distort information or hide the truth from your partner?
  • Have a hard time admitting when you’re wrong and blame your partner for everything?
  • Make most of the decisions that affect your partner and family without discussing those decisions with your partner?
  • Shame your partner, call you partner names or put him/her down?
  • Criticize or complain about most things your partner does?
  • Do whatever it takes to win an argument including intimidation or threatening your partner?
  • Involve the children when you’re having an argument and threaten to take them or threaten that your partner won’t have access to them.
  • Try and stop your partner from having his or her own life, friends, interests, outside the home?
  • Try and punish your partner by not speaking or looking at them for periods of time?
  • Insist on having sex after an argument?
  • Refuse to hear your partner’s thoughts and feelings?

Do you think…

  • You are superior over your partner?
  • Your partner is to blame when things go wrong?
  • You alone know what is best for your partner and your family?
  • It is only abuse if you physically hit your partner?
  • That you should make all the decisions in the relationship?

Do you feel…

  • Like your partner controls you and your life?
  • Threatened or intimidated by your partner?
  • Like you cannot ever do anything right?
  • Like you have to account for every cent or that you cannot make purchases you need without asking?
  • Like you have to let your partner know how you spend all your time?
  • Like you’re going to be labeled a nag if you try and discuss problems with your partner?
  • Like your partner gets jealous and makes accusations if you talk to someone else?
  • That you are afraid of your partner?
  • Like you’re constantly being put down by your partner?
  • Like you have to have sex with your partner following an argument?
  • Like your partner threatens your access to your children or turns your children against you when you’re having an argument?
  • Like you are blamed for everything that goes wrong?
  • Like you are prevented from doing the things you enjoy or need to do?
  • Like nobody else would ever want you or love you or that you’re lucky to have your partner?
  • Like your feelings or thoughts don’t matter?
  • Like you get mixed messages from your partner for the reason you are being abused?
  • Like if something doesn’t go right for your partner, it’s going to be your fault?
  • Like something is not right with the relationship?
  • Unable or afraid to make decisions on your own?
  • Like you have to do everything to please your partner so he/she will not get upset?
  • Like you have lost your self-confidence and feel afraid to make it without your partner/
  • Like you have lost contact with your family or friends because of your partner?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider reaching out for help. Ganǫhkwásra` staff is here to assist you. Call 519-445-4324 and ask to speak to the Intake Worker.