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Thanksgiving address

The Thanksgiving Address is the basis for understanding the Haudenosaunee (people of the Longhouse/Iroquois) world view. Everything is included in the Address from all things natural to the unseen forces forever present. With everything mentioned, an explanation of its purpose is given and acknowledged.

From the Thanksgiving Address one can learn the basis of Haudenosaunee cultural thought. It is the belief of our people that our most basic instruction received from the Creator about how to live on this earth is that we always continue to be thankful. We must always acknowledge and respect all of creation. The Creator has made all things as he has made us therefore everything possesses a part of the Creator and deserves our respect and gratitude.

The Thanksgiving Address is recited to open and close all gatherings, meetings and ceremonies. Its purpose is to bring the people together with one mind to tend to the matter which is the purpose for the gathering. The speaker, with his words, expresses greetings, thankfulness and love to all the people of the world, to Creation and to the Creator on behalf of all those assembled.

A Good Mind

We are all born with ganikwi:yo (a good mind) and interconnectedness, therefore everything we need to end violence is within us.


  • Safety is paramount for a healthy existence
  • Everyone has the right to service
  • All living things deserve respect and have a purpose
  • In being respectful, caring and accountable for our organization
  • In a holistic approach
  • In the power of choice
  • In inclusiveness of the whole family/community
  • Traditions and culture play a vital role
  • In sharing our Onkwehonwe approach with everyone
  • In living our lives purposefully
  • In life-long learning
  • In protecting Mother Earth


  • Keepers of Traditional knowledge to maintain our cultural integrity
  • Various traditional and alternative approaches
    1. The strengths, knowledge and skills of clients, staff, volunteers, Board, funders, and community
  • Technology and various resources to support our organization
  • Ethical based practices
  • Available funding sources
  • Policies and procedures
  • Open and active respectful communication
  • Community partners


  • Risk management accountability from many sources
  • Safety in all situations
  • The effectiveness of our programs and service delivery
    • Community trends, ie. Addictions, mental health, etc

A Holistic Way of Life

We are all part of all that is beneath us, all that is around us and all that is above us. Our past is our present, our present is our tomorrow and our tomorrows are the seven generations, past and present.


  • I will begin to take care of myself I will stop inflicting pain on others and myself
  • I will learn balance and strive towards that, physically, mentally and spiritually
  • I must understand & accept that change is progress (no overnight miracles) I must practice what I learn


  • I will acknowledge that change must begin with me and that I need help from others
  • Commit myself to personal journey with a willingness to look at past issues in relation to me today
  • I will examine the ways I have hurt others and others have hurt me to make a commitment to stop this behaviour


  • I will come to gain a greater understanding of my special relationship to Mother Earth
  • I will come to accept that I did not get to where I am without the values and beliefs that I carry
  • I will work on understanding the changes I must make in order to achieve greater personal balance and freedom


  • Acknowledge and accept that this is a great power than mankind
  • Make a commitment to grow in life, gain new knowledge and practice

Remember that I have a sacred right to live my life as I wish and the need to bring harmony, peace, balance to my existence through the respect for others