Mission & Vision

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We as a community affirm and respect our traditional role as Ǫgwehǫ:weh women, men, youth and children and uphold the principles of family. Ǫgwehǫ:weh women are the gateway between the sky world and Mother Earth. They bear our children, who are our most precious resource.

Ganǫhkwásra` recognizes the existence and devastation of family violence and sexual assault, we accept the responsibility to provide shelter, support and counselling to families and/or individuals in times of need. As such our mission statement is:

To provide, through a non-profit charitable organization, for the stabilization, maintenance, revitalization and enhancement of the family structure in a culturally sensitive manner.


With Ganǫhkwásra` (love among us), we bury our weapons of violence to create a safe and caring community for all generations.