Housing, Shelter & Outreach Services

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Next Step Housing

Gayenawahsra` (Sounds like guy yen a wa shra)
Cayuga word meaning “Helping Ourselves” —Next Step Housing

The Gayenawahsra` program is for individuals who choose to live independently and violence free. It offers services for maintenance, revitalization and enhancement for single parent families in safe, temporary housing.


Etiya`takenhas (Sounds like a tea ya da gen haus)
Oneida word meaning “We Are Helping Them” —Shelter

The shelter program provides stabilization through a safe, homelike atmosphere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for individuals who are seeking safety from abuse and violence.

Outreach Services – Intake

Intake is the first person a client will speak to, whether by the Crisis Line or walk-in. The Intake Worker will complete the Intake package with the client to determine the appropriate programs and services.

Transitional Support Services

Ge hé ę gǫ yę na:wáˆs (Sounds like gay hay eh go yeh na wes)
Onondaga word meaning “Helping You to Straighten Out Your Life”

The Transitional Support Worker provides supportive, individual long and short term transitional planning, safety planning, advocacy and referral services to individuals who are seeking violence free lives and a holistic well-being.